Max Track Time Expands Its Offering With Arrive and Drive Rentals at Testing Events

Max Track Time will now offer race car rental services at testing events fueled by Corsa Crew. This service provides drivers the opportunity to test and hone their skills in professionally prepared arrive-and-drive cars.

Raleigh – Feb. 22, 2023 – Max Track Time is now working with Corsa Crew to offer race car rental services to participants of Max Track Time events. This service will provide a unique opportunity for drivers to test and hone their skills in a professionally prepared car. 

Max Track Time is known for organizing testing events at some of the best racetracks in the country. These events offer drivers the ability to collect data, tweak setups, and push their limits in an open-track environment. The inclusion of Corsa Crew takes these events to the next level by offering participants who don’t have a car, the opportunity to test a professionally prepared and maintained race car.

Corsa Crew is the leading provider of arrive-and-drive racecar rentals in the USA. They offer a range of cars from Spec MX5 to Porsche GT4 Clubsport. They have a reputation for providing top-notch vehicles and an unmatched driver experience. With their extensive experience and state-of-the-art facilities, Corsa Crew is the perfect value add for Max Track Time.

Arrive and drive with Max Track Time will provide participants with a hassle-free experience, from the moment they arrive at the racetrack to the time they leave. The rental process will be seamless, allowing participants to focus on what they came for - seat time.

"We are thrilled to have the Corsa Crew team at our events to offer our participants a white glove arrive-and-drive experience," said Charles Streicher, Max Track Time’s managing partner. "This service will allow us to provide seats to drivers who may not have their car available or ready. We are confident that our participants will love this new addition to our events."

"We are very excited to work with Max Track Time," said Joseph Thomas Corsa Crew’s owner & CEO. "Our team is dedicated to providing top of the line cars for professional and amateur drivers alike and this partnership allows us to reach a wider audience. We look forward to helping drivers gain more seat time."

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About Max Track Time

Max Track Time’s mission is to make testing as convenient as a track day with the added freedom of a private track rental.

With testing days at some of the most premier venues in North America, we work alongside our clients who race in prominent series such as Pirelli GT4 America, TC America, Michelin Pilot Challenge, WRL, Porsche Sprint Challenge, and Global MX-5 Cup. We complement our test time with premier at-track accommodations, limited entries, and convenient dates allowing your test to be as focused and productive as possible.


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